Introducing Wipfli Digital

Wipfli is growing. Digital firm Punchkick has joined Wipfli’s existing digital team to create Wipfli Digital. That means even more digital expertise. Expanded technology capabilities. And greater opportunities for your business. Wipfli Digital is how digital gets done. Get the details here.

Digital. Done.

Real talk: Looking for a digital partner can leave you feeling lost in the cloud. The reality is, your business needs more than buzzwords. You need a team who will help you use technology to build something meaningful for you and your customers. 

Wipfli Digital turns technology into business opportunities. With customer experiences that create connections. Business intelligence that boosts market share. IT that simplifies. Digital strategies that drive results. Security solutions that protect your investments, today and tomorrow. 

While others are busy talking about their vision for the future—we’re getting it done.

Tech. Translated.

No buzzwords here. Just the enhanced digital expertise, technology capabilities, and creativity your business needs. Experience the best of business and tech combined. 

This is how digital gets done.


Growth >
Strategies that drive opportunity


Process >
Digital that works for you


Experience >
Design for maximum impact


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Tech for a stronger tomorrow


How digital gets done.

We’re big thinkers and tech tinkerers. Strategists who listen and developers who dive in. Digital experts who can translate the latest technology into lasting results. A digital team that gets it done for you.

It starts by meeting with you and listening—actively, purposefully listening. We ask the right questions to figure out what you really need.  Then we leverage our deep industry expertise and digital chops to build something that works—really works. A solution that delivers the results you need and opens your business up to new opportunities.

And our endless curiosity means we’re constantly exploring to see if there might be an even better way to take your business where you want to go.

That’s Wipfli Digital—and that’s how digital gets done.  

The Wipfli Digital team

Meet a few of the pros turning digital into real results.

“Digital solutions are frictionless, they simplify work. We deliver bespoke solutions that constantly ease our customer’s business operations and enable them to do more.”
Gautam Kasturi
Engagement Manager
“We can provide more integrated solutions than ever—empowering clients to use technology to fundamentally change the way their business operates and the value they ultimately deliver to customers.”
Kate Brown
Business Intelligence
“We’re in a unique position to make innovative technology and robust user experiences possible for every brand. I’m truly excited to be part of how Wipfli Digital will help our clients’ businesses grow far into the future.”
Billy Collins
Sales & Strategy
“Delivering exceptional work to our clients has been my passion from day one, and I feel like we’ll be able to exceed expectations now more than ever.”
Abby Gartner
Client Experience
“Wipfli Digital unifies a wide range of competencies, making it easier for our clients to explore holistic solutions. Together with Punchkick, we will have more expertise and end-to-end capabilities to help guide clients through their digital transformations.”
Mark Oliphant
CIO Advisory
“At Wipfli Digital we specialize in harnessing the power of technology for our clients. We disrupt our clients’ businesses by helping them apply technology in ways they didn’t even know were possible.”
Rachana Dalmia
Business Value Expediter

Ready for what’s next?

Let’s be real. It’s not a question of if you’ll need a digital strategy, but when.

Wipfli Digital combines insatiable curiosity, leading-edge technology and vast industry knowledge to create fearlessly smart solutions. That’s how we turn technology into business opportunities into real results for your business.

Let’s get digital done. Together.